27. Juli 2019

areasix GmbH has been selected as the exclusive representative of the Rotterdam Mobility City Campus Project for the DACH region as well as the baltic countries. As such areasix will be the point of contact for all stakeholders in the mobility industry interested to benefit from the potential of Europe’s larges hub for mobility. areasix also will contribute to the further program development based on their extensive work and experience in the innovation and digitalization business.

Wether it will be customer experience centers as Hardt Hyperloop just announced, or a joint level 5 autonomous test range. Any concept that takes mobility further into the future on our streets, water, the air or on tracks, they all can find a home at the Rotterdam Mobility City Campus. The goal of the Campus is to enable interdisciplinary cooperation, and to provide the necessary infrastructure to effectively built the future of mobility to all participants. And to nurture the community and bring together all players to create a better mobility world for tomorrow.

“The Mobility City Campus is a global concept that brings together all of the major players in the field of mobility. The aim is to experiment, inspire, create, experience and market new mobility concepts on land, at sea and in the air. Bringing all of the relevant European players together in one physical location and having them work together with the local innovative ecosystem will result in a world-class mobility ecosystem. The concept also focuses on testing, experiencing and sharing. And this allows Rotterdam residents to become familiar with innovations, which should speed up the adaptation process during use,’ says Rotterdams Vice Mayor Barbara Kathmann (Economy), applauding the arrival of the Mobility City Campus.

As Antti Rantanen, founder of Avanto Ventures, says: ‘Rotterdam is one of the largest logistic hubs in the world and has a neutral position in the mobility industry. The feasibility study shows that the slogan ‘Make it Happen’ is not only a marketing slogan for the city but really means something to the city. Over fifty pilot projects in the mobility field are currently taking place within the Municipality of Rotterdam, from autonomous pilot projects at Rotterdam Airport to a hydrogen production facility at the Port of Rotterdam. Rotterdam also conducted the ‘MaaS’ (Mobility as a Service) transportation experiment, during which one hundred Rotterdam residents were selected to use discounted public transport, ride sharing and other transportation services for six months while leaving their car at home as much as possible. From our perspective, Rotterdam is a mobility city: this volume of mobility pilot projects within one region makes Rotterdam one of the leaders of mobility innovation in Europe.’

„With Germany being one of the pioneering countries in regards to mobility in general, and a powerhouse in regards to automotive transportation especially, we are happy to be able to represent the Rotterdam mobility city campus in our region. Currently the automotive sector is not only going trough a major transition from combustion to electric engines, but also from a „buy“ to a „use“ driven business model. While OEMs still will have their unique fingerprints to their products, the type of product customers will spend money at will undergo a massive change in the coming decade. Thus a collaborative approach, the setup of an ecosystem, and the stronger interaction with certification institutions due to quicker product roll outs and higher technology leaps is the only way to go. We are extremely honored to be selected as the MCC´s exclusive partner, and will leverage on our extensive network contacts in the mobility industries“ states Peter K. Sanner, founder and CEO of areasix GmbH.

To get the executive summary and learn how to participate in the Rotterdam Mobility City campus please contact:

Zanna Naumova, areasix GmbH, Eisenbahnstraße 51, 67655 Kaiserslautern, Germany
via email or by useing our contact form.

About Avanto ventures:
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